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Timeshare Lawyer Services is the legal division of Helping Timeshare Owners, LLC, a 5-Star rated Timeshare assistance company that specializes in resolving difficult ownership isssues. There are absolutely no fees associated with our initial assessment, our goal is to help Timeshare consumers understand their options. We’ve developed strong relationships with the top attorneys in the timeshare industry; working hand in hand eliminating the financial obligations that owners can no longer afford to pay. Put an to end the burden and endless hassles of ownership that will go on forever. Click Here or Call (800) 203-8382 Now!

Terminate Your Contract

We are here to help you eliminate the burden of a timeshare that you no longer wish to own. We have found that most transactions are such that the seller has committed acts that enable you to terminate your contract.

Stop Management Fees

Sometimes you may desire to transfer your timeshare to another owner. However, there are management fee obligations that must be satisfied and you do not wish to spend your hard earned money to transfer the property.

HomeOwners Association

Many HOAs have acted improperly and they charge you for services that are either unnecessary or not properly approved. No bid contracts, insider deals, corruption – we have seen it all and we are here to help you!

Why Choose Timeshare Lawyers?

Timeshare Lawyers is a division of Helping Timeshare Owners, the industry leader in timeshare cancellation, that has helped 1000’s of timeshare owners cancel their contracts.

BBB A+ Rated

Orlando Ventures, Inc (DBA: Timeshare Lawyer Services) is the parent company of Helping Timeshare Owners, is an A+ rated company at the BBB. Their experience in the timeshare industry is unmatched!


We never take a case we don’t believe we can win, and we back it with a written money-back guarantee.

Expert Lawyers

When dealing with the multi-billion dollar timeshare industry that is stacked with high-profile attorneys, you need to have the best legal team available.


Helping Timeshare Owners is timeshare advocacy group that is 100% dedicated to advocating for the rights of timeshare owners!

Practice Areas

Orlando Ventures Inc., DBA Timeshare Lawyer Services works with the top attorneys in the timeshare industry; working hand in hand to end the financial obligations of timeshare owners for timeshares they can no longer afford to pay on.

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Common areas that we can help timeshare owners with:

  • Behind On Maintenance Fees
  • Stop Special Assessment Fees
  • No Longer Can Afford Due To Change in Income
  • Your Timeshare Is Unable To Be Transferred

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